industries-branded.jpgLife Sciences

The life sciences industry is one of the most highly regulated and evolving sectors today. To succeed, businesses need strategic legal advisors that have the reach and depth to understand the changes in global regulations and markets, anticipate legal problems, and provide timely solutions.

We help biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare companies at every stage of development – from university spin-outs and early stage companies to national and global expansion. We advise and represent these companies in formation, financing, intellectual property prosecution and licensing, regulatory and competition law issues, R & D collaborations and strategic alliances, and compliance with international laws and standards. By uniting attorneys from interdisciplinary practices, we ensure that our clients get quick, efficient, and comprehensive solutions to their legal issues.

Nonprofits & NGOs

International nonprofits face a number of unique challenges. Whether moving relief supplies in or out of a country or assisting in development by facilitating exports, they encounter a number of governmental authorities with different requirements. Our practice covers a range of issues including:

  • U.S. import and export requirements
  • Host country import and export requirements
  • Working with U.S. diplomatic staff to deal with government issues when they arise


Technology companies are integrating the world and international markets in unprecedented ways. At Desh Law, we help companies achieve success with services that include:

  • Startup formation, contracts, and funding
  • Intellectual property protection, enforcement, and audit
  • Inbound and outbound licensing agreements
  • International commercial contracts such as NDAs, service agreements, and outsourcing agreements
  • Joint venture and strategic partnership agreements
  • Data security and privacy issues


We advise wineries and wine exporters on protecting their interests abroad and carrying out transactions to export or import wine. We advise on trademark protection, distribution contracts, customs documentation, import certificates, permits, licensing, labeling, and other legal issues related to international wine export.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturers use innovative technology to create products for markets around the world. We advise clients on a variety of topics, including exports controls, foreign regulations, import/export rules, contract drafting, and intellectual property protection.

Clean Energy & Green Technology

Clean energy and green technology represent our future. At Desh Law, we provide legal services for all types of green energy projects – for developers, investors, utilities, and project owners at every stage of development. We guide clients through the complicated framework of regulations, incentives, and state and federal laws and we work with foreign investors in clean energy and green technology who want to enter the U.S. market.Agricultural goods

The U.S. agriculture sector is growing and increasingly releasing resources for exports. We advise companies that trade agricultural goods on relevant regulations and laws, including customs documentation, import certificates, permits, licensing, labeling, and other aspects of SPS regulations necessary to sell agricultural goods abroad. We also assist with trademarking, distribution contracts, and other related legal issues.